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MANUAL SEO CAMPAIGN with most popular social network sites, blogs, bookmarks, image sharing sites and others.
This mix of backlinks can help improve your website visibility in Google by making them relevant on the web.


Tier 1 – on your website, total 50+:

– 10+ Web 2.0 Blogs (PR4-9) such as WordPress, Storify etc.

– 4 Top MANUAL Social Network posts (PR8-10) such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

– 5 MANUAL Image Sharing links (PR3-9) such as Flickr, Imgur etc.

– 6 MANUAL TOP Social Blog posts (PR3-4) such as Tumblr, Blogger, Livejournal etc.

– 10+ TOP Social bookmarks (PR4-8) such as Reddit, Plurk, Scoop etc.

– 15+ S0cial Network mix (PR1-9) such as Jcow, Joomla, PhpFox, PhpMotion etc.


Tier 2 – links pointing in tier1, total 1500+:

– 10+ S0cial bo0kmarking for every post in tier1, total 400+

– 25+ S0cial Signals per post (facebook shares & retweets), total 50+

– 20+ Bl0g comments for all posts, total 1050+